Turning the pages of Wodonga’s history

From The Wodonga Sentinel 1964.

In January Wodonga residents were saddened by the announcement of the death of Dr. Frank Grant (Snr).

In March the cooking section gave a tasty recipe for stewed pigeon. (Can someone please tell me how much is a large knob of butter?)

The first couple to take up residence in the aged persons’ home units in Lawrence Street were Mr & Mrs Arthur French.

Wodonga Court of Petty Sessions.  A migrant was charged with being an idle and disorderly person for he was a person having insufficient means of support.  He had only a few shillings and was out of work.  He was sentenced to three months imprisonment.

November. The old Wodonga butter factory in High Street, one of the first brick buildings erected in town, was being demolished to make way for a modern Ampol service station.

Wodonga was well placed in the Premier Town Contest.  It gained first place in the section for Industrial Development and was placed second to Shepparton in the Town Planning and beautification section.

The Headmaster of Wodonga State School reported a decrease in enrolments from 682 to 648 because of the diversion of some 70 pupils to Wodonga West.

Industry and retailers, and the general public will have to contend with both decimal and £.s.d. currency for some time after the introduction of decimal coinage in 1966, partly because only about one-third of the total currency requirements in decimal currency will have been minted, and partly because banks will be unable to cope with the safe storage of both new and old currencies.

20 Nov 1964.  The highest temperatures for eight months were recorded last weekend when summer arrived with a vengeance.   In an effort to escape the heat about 4000 went to the pool during the weekend.

Since the first naturalization ceremony was performed in Wodonga, 940 people have been naturalized, with a further 27 planned for December.  Plans are being made to reach the 1,000 mark before the retirement of Colonel H. Guinn, Director of the Commonwealth Immigration Centre, Bonegilla, in March next year.

Seventy one people were receiving unemployment benefit in the North-East at October 30th.  50 men and 21 females.