1965 Pt. 4. Court house origins

More from Wodonga and District Express 1965


The cost of treating patients at Wodonga Hospital, £5/9/5 per day, was below the state average of £7/2/-, but only private patients paying £5/13/- per day covered their costs.  Many patients did not have private health insurance.  The hospital relied heavily on public support such as the egg drive.

30th September is the deadline date for aliens to register their names, current address and occupation with the Department of Immigration.  All Australian residents who are not British subjects must comply.  This annual notification replaces the need to report each change as it occurs.

The price of petrol in Wodonga was 4/2½ per gallon for super.

Doctors and nurses from the Tuberculosis Branch of the Health Department will be in attendance at the High Schools to Mantoux test and vaccinate children of 11 years and over against tuberculosis.

2nd Wodonga Scout Troop was commenced with 16 boys, but there are still 60 boys on the waiting list.


Contractor Zauner made a start by laying the foundation of the new court house and police station in Elgin Street, adjacent to Richardson Park.  It was expected to be finished in 9 months.

There was a call for pennies, please.  800 million of the coins were unaccounted for and were needed for change.  Check your drawers and jars and spend a few each day.  65 million had already been minted this year to keep up with the demand, but they now need to prepare to mint the new decimal currency. 


In discussion regarding building a playground in Woodland Grove, so children could do something other than climb trees and damage them, a Councillor made the statement “A child will mend itself, but trees are expensive.”

The new St John’s Church of England was opened on Saturday 6th November.  Due to its capacity of only 255 inside seating was ticketed with additional seating outside.

Tony Conway acquired the delicatessen next door and enlarged his sporting goods and toy store.

Stiletto heels were causing damage to hospital floor coverings, visitors were asked to only wear flat heeled shoes.