St Augustine’s Representative Football Team Premiers 1963


  • Tony Mazurkiewicz was a nuggetty half back flanker and a very skilful player. Sadly, he died at a very young age in 1965. Both he and Peter Nawodycz were best of mates right up till his death.
  • John Brown was one of the taller players in the side and played at fullback and occasionally switched to centre halfback. He later went on playing Juniors and Reserves for Wodonga Football Club.
  • Timothy Pini and David Steel shared the ruck and both players also played centre half back/centre half forward. In later years, David Steel played for Eaglehawk Football Club in the Bendigo League and Ringwood Football Club in Melbourne.
  • Bryan Watson played in a key position at centre half forward. Brian Oxley could play anywhere and the versatile utility was often used to stem the opposition’s attacks.
  • Greg Hooper was full forward and went on to play and coach for various teams throughout the North East during his illustrious career.
  • Nick Wowk was a pacy forward flanker/wingman/on-baller. The left footer proved a handful for the opposition and in later years he played for Wodonga Football Club.
  • Ken Brewer was a solid defender playing in the back pocket.
  • Kevin Odgers played on a half forward flank but was also used as a utility.
  • Gary Sassella played on the wing and with Phil Dempster on the other wing these two ran riot.
  • Peter Nawodycz was rover and gave the opposition plenty of headaches with his running and was always dangerous around the goals.
  • Alan Justique was a solid halfback flanker and always had a go.
  • Trevor Jones played in various positions but mainly in the forward pocket.
  • Alex Petz played on a halfback flank proving a reliable defender.
  • Mick Wood was a forward pocket always in the action.
  • Gary Quirk usually lined up in the back pocket and the dour defender gave it his all.
  • Greg Darmody was a forward flanker/utility and used to fill roles when required.
  • Patrick Lewis shared the roving roles with Peter Nawodycz. The fleet-footed rover was as quick as lightning and once he had the ball no one could get near him.

It’s been over 40 years since this photo was taken and through this photo these kids will always remain kids. I’ve met some of these kids today and some of them haven’t aged well and some have. Some did not even get the chance to age and enjoy life. But these kids can be proud of what they achieved back in 1963 especially at such a young age. Much the same way these kids prepared themselves for a game of footy they were also preparing themselves for life’s challenges and uncertainties which lay ahead. With the exuberance and innocence of youth they would relish these challenges as they looked ahead to the future with optimism.

Women’s Suffrage Petition 1891

In an extraordinary effort to gain the right to vote for all Victorian women, a handful of dedicated women took to the streets in 1891 to collect signatures for a petition to present to the Parliament of Victoria. The result was an impressive collection of close to 30,000 signatures from women from all walks of life.

Listed below are the names of the 38 women in Wodonga who signed that petition.

Andrews, M – Wodonga

Carroll, BHigh Street, – Wodonga

Cleland, M – Wodonga

Crittle, Janet Helen – Hume Street, Wodonga

Davis, Eliza – Wodonga

Dibley, Lucy A – Wodonga

Edwards, H CHigh Street, – Wodonga

Fulford, Jane Mary – Wodonga

Fulford, Mary – Wodonga

Goerdes, Margaret – Wodonga

Griffin, S A PHigh Street, – Wodonga

Harper, E – Wodonga

Hassett, M – Wodonga

Henderson, C – Wodonga

Hill, M Susie – Wodonga

Hill, Mary – Wodonga

Idill, Kati L – State School, Wodonga

Kilpatrick, F I – Wodonga

Kyle, L – High Street, Wodonga


Lizars, Queenie – Wodonga

O’Connor, J H – Wodonga

Parnaby, Annie E – Whenby Grange, Wodonga

Parnaby, Carrie – Spring Vale, Wodonga

Parnaby, Mary J – House Creek, Wodonga

Pearce, Rose – Wodonga

Pfeiffer, Mary – Hovell Street, Wodonga

Pfeiffer, R – Hovell Street, Wodonga

Robertson, E A – Wodonga

Schultz, Mary – Wodonga West

Smith, Maria – Wodonga

Smith, Maria – Hovell Street, Wodonga

Sutherland, J – Wodonga

Sutherland, K – Wodonga

Taylor, K – Wodonga

Tubb, Elizabeth – Wodonga

Webb, Annie – Wodonga

Whan, Martha E – Lawrence Street, Wodonga

Whan, Mary Jane – Lawrence Street, Wodonga


Ollies Trolley Wodonga

Ollies Trolley Wodonga, corner of High Street and Osburn Street.

This image was posted to our Facebook Page early November 2016 and by early January 2017 had had a reach of 18400 people.  People remembered the chicken, the gravy and the icecream which came in many flavours.


1966 Wodonga Girl Guides

1966 Wodonga Guides

The photo used in Mrs Valerie Branwhites obituary in the Border Mail.
Wodonga 1st Guide Company at Woodland. Grove, Wodonga on Anzac Day 1966
Back Row L to R.:
District Commissioner Mrs. Valerie J. Branwhite, Gail Moore, Gayle Furze, Lynne Sanderson, Judy Scholz, Beth Furze, Rosalie Taylor, Margaret Bertuch,
Jennifer Kruss, Gael Sanderson, Jenny Saunders, Lieutenant Mrs. M. Korneluk. Front Row:
Julie Stuart, Debbie Birnie, Rhonda McLeod, Beverley Odgers, Cherie Stuart, Louise Bishop, Alison Smith, Pam Moore, Julie Delves, Connie Bollen.
Photo: Wodonga & District Express

Wodonga Shire Hall 1972

Shire Hall

Shire Hall corner of High and Elgin Streets. Demolished in 1972. Melba Theatre entrance is just visible far right. This was a right hand turn on the Hume Hwy in the middle of Wodonga.