Memories flooding back

Albury Banner and Wodonga Express 12 October 1917

The Wodonga Creek bridge, on the Albury-Wodonga road, which showed signs of collapsing on Monday, is now impassable, except for foot passengers who cross at their own risk, as the bridge is now closed to all traffic. On Tuesday there was a further subsidence in the span, which developed signs of weakness on Monday.

By mid-day, the decking on the upstream side had sagged to a depth of between 4ft. and 5ft. with a heavy list upstream. A wire cable was drawn tautly under the collapsing portion, and appeared for a time to have arrested the subsidence, but within the course of an hour or two the downstream side collapsed, and sank to the same level. It now seemed as if the entire collapse of the span into the flooded stream could not be prevented, but the shire engineer, Mr. Lingford, arranged with the Albury Municipal Council for the temporary loan of a stout electric light pole. This was stretched across the collapsing span, which was strapped up to the pole with heavy chains. As the result of the collapse of the bridge .all traffic between the two States, so far as the main Melbourne-Sydney road is concerned, is completely blocked for the present.

The Evening Echo 24 October 1917

During the flood of a fortnight ago a span of the Wodonga Creek bridge collapsed. Since then a gang of men have been engaged trying to effect repairs. Yesterday afternoon, without any warning, another span gave way taking with it most of the gang’s equipment. A party of Wodonga sight seers on the northern end of the bridge were temporarily isolated. They had to procure a boat to take them part of the way and then walk to Albury station, when they returned by a goods train. Three other bridges on the same road are also affected.

The Age 7 June 1918

Although eight months have elapsed since several of the bridges on the Albury-Wodonga road were destroyed by flood, and considerable damage done to the road, the bridges have not, so far, been replaced, so that when periodical floods occur, much traffic that should go by road has to be carried by rail. Complaint has been made by the Chamber of Commerce that the truck rate, 24/-, for four miles between towns, is excessive, and that body has decided to make application for a reduction until the bridges have been replaced.