Town sugar shortage

Looking through Wodonga and Towong Sentinel, January 1920

The publican of the Indigo Hotel and Barnawartha was proceeded against in court for allowing a female to serve liquor, she not being a registered person.

Under new arrangements recently introduced by the chief commissioner of police, Sir George Steward, the necessity for the registration of motor cars whose owners reside in the country being made only at Russell Street Police Barracks has been obviated. In future, such cars may be registered at the police station in all cities and large towns in the state.

The three bakers in town jointly advertised the price rise of bread, a four pound loaf to cost 10 pennies (cash) 11 pennies (booked) an increase of one penny.

Rabbit Drive – On January 20, 1920.

A simultaneous drive against rabbits is to be carried out throughout the state. The necessary order has been issued, and the Vermin Destruction Branch is making arrangements to have it obeyed.

Brown Sugar for Jam – The difficulty of obtaining white sugar is exercising the minds of householders who wish to make jams and other preserves, for in many cases it is found that the unrefined sugar is not satisfactory, the preserved having a poor colour. A member of the staff of the Colonial Sugar Refining Company says that if the brown sugar is refined it is practically as good as white for this purpose, and that the refining process can easily be carried out at home. All that is necessary is to add enough water to make a fairly thick liquid, then boil and skim off the scum that rises to the surface. The boiling and skimming should be continued until scum ceases to rise.

Shortage of Sugar – At a meeting of the Yarrawonga Traders’ Association the difficulty of securing supplies of white sugar was brought under notice of members by Mr. Gorman. Sugar, he said was anathema to the storekeepers, who were continually getting into trouble with their customers because they were unable to supply this commodity.

Licensed victuallers desiring to apply for permits to sell non-intoxicating beverages during prohibited hours, and permits for the use of billiard tables between the hours of 6pm and 10.30pm, should lodge the application with a fee of 2/6.