Wodonga’s Ambulance Service

Wodonga Ambulance services commenced operation on 1st May 1961.  Previously the service was supplied by Albury Ambulance which was the headquarters of the Murray Valley District Ambulance Service.

The Service in Wodonga began operating from a room in the Terminus Hotel in High Street with two officers, Bruce Renshaw as Station Officer and Barry Shadlow as second officer utilising two vehicles.

Also in 1961 an Auxiliary was formed to raise money for the branch, especially to find a suitable building to be used as a station.  The first meeting was chaired by Jack Hawke with the first elected president Les Stiff who was succeeded by George Reuss. Other members on the auxiliary were, Jeff Bourke, Les Boyes, Des Cousins, Brian Crothers, Audrey Cunningham, Jack Dwyer, Reg McDermott (who was also an honorary officer for many years), Mrs. Frank Grundy, Jack Hore, Vic Jones, Matthews, Ken Riley, Mr.&Mrs. Harry Russell, Mrs. Sutton, Mr. Thompson and Jake Tooley. Most of the money came from spinning wheels and art union raffles.

Wodonga’s first ambulance station was purchased, located at 14 Huon Street. The facilities provided were an established house and a single garage for an ambulance vehicle. This was bought as a temporary location.

In September 1964 land was bought from Jack Dwyer in South Street for the future construction of a four vehicle bay station and station officer’s residence.

On 5th November 1967 the South Street Station was officially opened by F.W. Cremean, who was the Secretary of the Hospital and Charities Commission.

The Station partly funded by continued money raising effort by the auxiliary and the sale of the previous station in Huon Street (purchased by Dwyers of Railway Hotel).

On 9th May 1980 the property next to the Station (29 South Street) was purchased for $35,000. The house would be utilised for accommodation for a branch officer.  This was later demolished for expansion of the Station, which was commenced in 1991.

In September 1995 Mike Fuery commenced in Wodonga and he is still in service today.

It was not until March 1997 that there was a full 24 hour rostering.