1963 Wodonga Part 6

The last months of 1963 from Wodonga & District Express

Cr. Jack Hore, M.B.E., was elected Shire President for the ensuing year with an allowance of £200.  It was his 7th term as Shire President, the last one being four years ago.

Councillor C. F. Pollard, M.B.E., resigned after forty years as a Councillor.  He stated that he could not keep up with the new fortnightly meetings (rather than monthly) in addition to his other important commitments.

Wodonga CWA was to purchase a replacement piano, an upright Beale.  It was to be paid for by means of £5 debentures to be repaid by lot as the money becomes available.

Wodonga Technical School was to conduct its first fete. The main objective being to raise funds for a much-needed school projector.  One of the fund raisers was the wrecking of an old car, where a charge was made of one penny per hit with a huge sledge hammer.

Tenders were invited for the erection of new toilet blocks and connection of sewerage at the R.S.L. Hall in High Street.

An advertisement announcing the opening of Wodonga’s new Continental Restaurant, next to the Technical School in High Street seating 64 persons.  Run by Luky and Nina Olah it would serve Hungarian Goulash as the specialty of the house.  Also a first for Wodonga would be the Italian Icecream. (I have been unable to find anyone who remembers this restaurant.)

Henri Rogalski, a 24 year old newcomer to this country was to open a cake shop specialising in continental cakes.

From an Army wife who had lived in many towns, praise for her newspaper boy who had never put her newspaper in the wet.  An unusual occurrence worthy of comment.

The annual October Egg Appeal for Wodonga District Hospital was successful. Totals listed included 84 dozen from Wodonga High and 86 dozen from Wodonga West.  The eggs are placed under refrigeration and in preserving compounds until required for use in the hospital kitchens.

The next collection was Pound Day, when residents were invited to tie a pound weight of foodstuffs to their front fence for collection by Wodonga Rotary Club to aid local hospitals.