1965 Pt 3 What was hitting the headlines

Further snippets from Wodonga and District Express 1965


A group of Wodonga teenagers has arranged a series of concert-dances for the coming months to be held in the Melba Theatre.  Commencing with Col Joye’s “Joy Boys”, with others planned including Easy Beats, Billy Thorpe’s Aztecs, Ray Brown and the Whispers.  Admission to be 10/- a single, but a one pound subscription would enable half price admission for the full series over 20 weeks.

The Post Master General’s Department was inviting young men over the age of 15½ years to seek appointment as a Postal Clerk-in-Training.  Prerequisite was a pass in English and three other subjects at Intermediate Standard.

There was little hope re the construction of the new technical school in Mitchell Street before 1966 “as other areas need new buildings more than Wodonga”.

Vic Rail completed the installation of flashing lights at the Tallangatta Road railway crossing on the eastern approach to Wodonga.  A number of fatal accidents had occurred there over the years.

Vee Jay Radio advertised a “Special” –  78 Records, 10 for £1.

Students of Wodonga Technical School commenced a door knock seeking donation of books for their library.


This week it will be compulsory for all persons over 21 years of age to have a chest xray with the Health Department’s mobile van in Wodonga.

Shire President Jack Hore, who had been in council for 27 years was being opposed by David Mann, a young Wodonga businessman, in the pending council elections.  David Mann was unsuccessful.  Hore 593, Mann 473, Informal 19. The President’s allowance was fixed at £250, £50 more than last year.

Wodonga Hospital was appealing again for the donation of surplus eggs to help overcome one of its big commodity problems.


PMG Telephone technicians are working to change over the present manual equipment for dial-type telephones in readiness for the changeover to S.T.D. (Subscriber Trunk Dialling).

Wodonga has a very low priority for grade separation of the High Street crossing for either an underpass or a viaduct, the shire engineer was told by the Interdepartmental Crossing Advisory Committee when it visited Wodonga.