1963 Wodonga Part 3

We continue with 1963 from Wodonga and District Express.

A new librarian, Mrs McDermott was appointed but one Councillor asked for his opposition to be recorded as he didn’t think it right that a married woman, whose husband is also working, to be appointed to a shire job.

The advent of an abattoir in Wodonga on Mulqueeney’s Hill between the sewerage treatment works and the Batt Avenue end of town received mixed feelings from the population.

A motion to widen the Lincoln Causeway to four lanes was lost.  The width of the bridges being a concern.

A much larger XRay unit was needed by Wodonga Hospital to replace the nine year old equipment installed when the hospital was built.  75% of the cost would be covered by the Victorian Hospitals and Charities Commission, leaving £1000 for the people of Wodonga to find.

Only one male could be found with sufficient courage to appear as a model on the Trade Fair mannequin parade, leaving young women to model male pyjamas, which is why they appeared ill-fitting.

The Wodonga Technical School established earlier this year has been exceedingly well equipped and with the arrival of sheet metal benches this week is the equal of similar schools throughout the state.

An all-out one day appeal was launched to enable the new Red Cross Blood Bank to be built in the grounds of the Base Hospital to be opened free of debt. It was successful with over £3000 being raised.

The manager of the Lord Mayor’s holiday camp at Portsea was full of praise for the behaviour of Wodonga children who attended the camp.

Wodonga is to have an automatic telephone exchange within two years.  In the meantime when urgent calls to the hospital cannot get through because the only two lines to the hospital are in use, two more line are to be made available.  One with a number not listed in the phone book so doctors and ambulance can have a priority line.

High Street to be resealed from the Murray River to the Water Tower, width proposed to be 40 feet and about one inch deep.