1963 Wodonga Part 4

Moving into premises formerly known as Patricia-Ann, Genevieve Fashions P/L was opening a branch in Wodonga to be known as Genevieve of Wodonga.

Historical collection is growing.  A number of valuable and interesting exhibits are already in the possession of the local Historical Society who are hoping for a really noteworthy collection by the time a building is available in which to display them.  (Note: it was to be 2001 before we secured premises.)

Woodwork classes, one night a week, were to be offered to adults at Wodonga Tech to learn woodwork.  Within a week there had been 22 applicants. With classes limited to 15, a second class was to commence soon.

Now with so many sealed streets in Wodonga why aren’t we seeing the shire grader more often on unsealed ones.

Tenders were called for sole rights to scavenge Wodonga tip.

Miss A Costa, who at age 93 was thought to be the oldest living citizen in Wodonga, was interviewed regarding the demolition of the wine saloon in High Street. It had been her home for many years.

Local businesses were being encouraged to fly the flag for the unofficial visit of the State Governor Sir Rohan Delacombe, and local residents were invited to assemble in South Street near St Luke’s to greet the visitors. 1st Wodonga Brownies and Guides were to provide a guard of honour at the church.

The next week it was reported there was a dearth of flags, but several hundred people had assembled to welcome the guests.

Frank Palavestra was converting the grocery section of his store to self-serve. After 10 years of personal service he was following the modern trend.

With hundreds of children attending Wodonga High School only 24 mothers have come forward to staff the volunteer lunchtime ice-cream duty roster.

At the moment House Creek at the foot of Lawrence Street is definitely not passable as a ford to normal car traffic.  This ford is often used by cars returning to town from the drive-in without going around by the highway.  The nearby footbridge recently built has made the crossing excellent for pedestrians.