1965 Pt 2 Large trees removed

Continuing through 1965 from Wodonga and District Express


A single bar electric radiator was all that kept Councillors warm at their meeting in the large council chambers.  It was no longer possible to hire the portable gas heaters and it had been decided against to instal air-conditioning or infra-red heating.  Council resolved to provide some wood and briquettes to light the two slow-combustion fires in the chambers even though they were considered inadequate

After six months delay a life size doll known as “Resuscitation Annie” arrived from Norway for St John’s Ambulance Brigade.  She was to be used for teaching mouth-to-mouth resuscitation to first aid classes.  She cost over £50 which was funded by Sunny Side Tennis Club and the Lake Hume Young Farmers.


One of the 25 new settlers who were to be naturalised would be Wodonga’s 1000th.  The citizenship certificates are serially numbered by the Immigration Department. (Among the 25 listed were Elisabeth and Simon Rendich who will be remembered as a Wodonga watchmaker and jeweller).

Under old laws corner stores could sell eggs after hours but not bacon; tea, coffee or cocoa, but not sugar, this has now changed.

Unless steps are taken to alter the present situation, the Wodonga Show 1966 will clash with the final day of the Albury Floral Festival.  This clash occurred in 1963 and at the time was deplored by officials of both organisations. (The Festival date was moved by a week.)

Fashion News – Weddings are now so expensive that brides are always delighted when they find a wedding dress which can be worn again and again, and not only as an evening dress.