Council Chambers Woodland Grove

After meeting for 14 years in rented premises, in the Prince of Wales Hall, Wodonga Council built its first Shire Hall on the corner of High and Elgin Streets in 1890.

Regarding the second building, on 8th August 1957 The Border Morning Mail reported

“Yesterday Wodonga’s new Municipal Offices in Woodland Grove were used for the first time by Wodonga Councillors.

An impressive “horse shoe” table faced the raised President’s dais which stands out from a cinnamon brown colored rear wall. Flooring is in a richer shade of brown with yellow grained pattern squares.

The ceiling is lime and the other walls a pale yellow with brilliant tangerine colored doors.

Large windows shaded by grey Venetian blinds and fluorescent ceiling lights and incandescent wall fixtures flood the room with light. Adjoining is a large committee room separated from the chambers by folding doors, a kitchen equipped with modern fittings and a President’s room.

Council yesterday decided to reserve the impressive rooms for purely civic purposes. An application by the Show Society for the use of the chamber for meetings was refused.

Councillors were unanimous in their opinion that the main chamber should not be used for public meetings and after lengthy discussion decided not to rent out the committee room.

Some Councillors maintained it was Council’s duty to provide a meeting place to replace the old Council chambers but others claimed there were many other rooms in the town and the shire hall and supper room were still available.

It was claimed that the revenue Council would receive from the room would not cover the costs of maintenance, caretaking and repairs.

It was also decided to investigate the possibility of floodlighting the building at night and to close the public conveniences at 5 p.m. daily to deter vandals.”

The first Shire Hall was demolished in 1971 to make way for Safeway, which in turn has also been recently demolished to make way for a newer more modern shopping facility.

The third, and current, purpose built council chambers were opened in November 1976 with the first council meeting there on 1st December 1976.