Issues that made the news in 1907

The following is from 1907 Wodonga and Towong Sentinel.

Sergeant Simpson, having been appointed cab inspector for the Shire of Wodonga, requires that all vehicles shall carry lights between sunset and sunrise. All offenders against the by-law will be prosecuted. Cyclists will do well to remember that a bicycle is a vehicle within the meaning of the Act.

One of the Principal vine-growers at Barnawartha, reports that phylloxera has made its appearance at Barnawartha.

Notice of Application for a Vigneron’s LicenseI, Bernard Gehrig, of North Barnawartha, do hereby give Notice that I desire to obtain, and will, at the sitting of the Licensing Court for the Licensing District of Wodonga, to be held at Wodonga on 21st day of February, 1907, apply for a vigneron’s license for premises situated at North Barnawartha. Dated 2nd day of February 1907.

Despite repeated complaints, the old Wodonga Police Station is permitted to remain in a most dilapidated condition. With the heavy fall of rain during the week, Constable Burge and his family have suffered considerable personal discomfort, while much of their furniture and belongings has been seriously, if not irretrievably, injured. The neglect of the police department amounts to a scandal. As tenders are now being invited for repairs and painting at the Court House, the department should seize the opportunity of having both buildings attended to at the same time.

The Wodonga Athenaeum is in extremis, and unless there should be a revival of the interest which some years ago was taken in the institution, the reading-room will be closed. The subscribers’ list is about 14 or 15, and the only other revenue is a few pounds in the shape of Government and municipal grants. Years ago there were scores of subscribers and the subscriptions were augmented by concerts or other efforts. But somehow the energy of the good old times has been replaced by lethargy. Some people think if the Athenaeum were removed to a more central position the reading-room would become more attractive -especially if a billiard-table were provided. The proposal is, we think, worthy of consideration.